Professional makeup artist Mary Loughrey works with a passion to make people look and feel beautiful. She believes that every person is specially gifted with a unique look and makeup can be effectively used to highlight the natural gift that you have. Being a freelance makeup artist, she works with every client personally.

Mary was always fascinated with fashion and makeup. As a young girl she was very intrigued to notice how a bit of expertly applied foundation, powder and colour can transform the way a person looked and felt about themselves. She observed how a person became more confident and sure of them selves when they knew they looked good. 

“I love what I do and I am very passionate about makeup. I am hard working and give my undivided attention to my client at all times”

Fascinated by these observations, Mary decided to take up makeup as a profession and help people enhance their natural beauty. Motivated and focused on her passion, Mary attended Portobello Institute in Dublin specialising in fashion, theatre and media makeup. After Portobello Mary decided to take her passion further and enrolled in an advanced bridal makeup course with Zoe Clark in the ZoeClarkMakeupSchool. Training under Zoe gave Mary a deep insight into the art of makeup. She felt it was a privilege to have had the opportunity to be professionally trained by such a talented makeup artist. 

“I love my job and the great people I meet along the way!”

Mary’s passion for makeup is her driving force. Mary is constantly evolving her style of makeup. She is always exploring new styles and is focused on perfecting this delicate art. Mary loves to learn, and believes you have to be constantly renewing your skills and sharing your knowledge with others. Mary always loves to trying new things and challenging herself. She has a love for everything creative, both subtle and extravagant.

While working as a freelance makeup artist, Mary has travelled around Ireland for fashion shoots, wedding, debs and several other social events. Mary will travel nationwide, to meet and work with clients who place their trust in her professionalism as a makeup artist.

Mary feels a deep sense of responsibility towards every client who hires her services. Nothing pleases Mary more than helping you to get the perfect look you desire and ensure you’re looking your best for your special event.

Mary uses unique makeup styles to make you look the best. She specialises in wedding makeup, creating flawless bridal and occasional makeup looks, and loves applying special effects makeup suitable for various occasions.

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