“Whether it's just for fun or you have a special event to go to, getting your make-up done is a great way to treat yourself! Sit back and relax while you get pampered before your night out. The make-up will take approximately 30-45 minutes per person and I will make sure it's an enjoyable and relaxing experience”


Special Makeup Application

Makeup application is an art that takes into account your skin type, the natural contours of your face and the type of look you want to achieve. I use high quality branded cosmetics such as MAC, Channel and Tom Ford, and the right kind of tools to give you a flawless appearance, while also ensuring that the makeup is safe for your skin and lasts all day.


Bridal Makeup

With customised makeup techniques, I enhance your natural features and make you look absolutely breathtaking. My techniques ensure that your wedding makeup remains intact from the time your father gives you to the groom in the morning until the celebrations end late in the night. Bridal makeup is my forte and I can work magic with your look.


Debs Makeup

All the girls want to look like a million dollars on their Debs night, don’t they? Let me do that for you with makeup that’s going to last long into the night.


Fashion Shows / Photo shoots

Is fashion your forte? Let’s work together to create the perfect look that transform the way the models look. I will work with you to craft your vision perfectly. Having worked with professional photographers all over Ireland I have accumulated a good amount of experience in meeting the practical demands of fashion shows and photo shoots.


Music Videos

Music videos are all about glamour, style and the perfect look. Makeup and hairdos play a huge role in creating the desired mood of the music video, which in turn creates the perfect spirit of the video for the audiences. As a qualified professional freelance makeup artist, I have a lot of experience in makeup especially for music videos and ensure that the models and actors look great under the lights and camera.

TV / Film

Appearing on television? I can help you get the right look. You look different under the camera and lights. This can be an advantage; with the right kind of makeup and by accentuating your natural features in the right manner, you can look glamorous and absolutely beautiful. Work with me to get that perfect look.


Face / Body Painting

At Makeup by Mary L, you get creative face and body painting services for various occasions, be it photo shoots, advertising, promotions, marketing or entertainment events. For me, the human body is a beautiful canvas that offers infinite possibilities to personify any thought, idea and concept. I use safe body paints. The imaginative and eye-catching face and body painting I create is very captivating to your audiences and lasts throughout the event.


Special Effects Makeup

Special effects makeup makes a profound statement, conveying the concept you want to portray to perfection. I offer special effects makeup to your liking and requirements, be it the look of a ghastly zombie or a beautiful fairy. I trained under a master artist who taught me the art of using brushes, sponges, stencils, blending, layering, stippling and painting to come up with a very creative special effects look. With some very interesting and effective tricks up my sleeve, I get you the look you want!


Gelish Polish


Eyelash Extenions